"Fundamentals...the WOW Factor"


"Fundamentals...the WOW Factor"


Lyn Diefenbach

Any medium #8001 Price: $79

Materials similar to what Lyn used HERE. Feel free to choose only what you need, or as a list to purchase somewhere else :) 

(or buy all 4 passport series for $225!)
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From Lyn's "Fundamentals" you will:


  • The components Lyn considers essential for artists at all levels: Line, Tone, Color, Edge
  • How to measure for the initial drawing
  • How to enlarge a drawing
  • How to capture a still life setup using 4 tones (Australian for values)
  • How to add color judiciously
  • Why edges are so important to create the illusion of 3-dimensions
  • fundamentals of composition

Class contains:

  • 36 segments, video clips, assignments, and stills
  • over an hour in length, WITHOUT painting
  • several assignments and bonus lectures
  • the content will increase as students participate