Welcome to Axully!

An early attempt at a selfie in graphite! "AirHead", 16" x 12" graphite, © V.N.Ross

An early attempt at a selfie in graphite!

"AirHead", 16" x 12" graphite, © V.N.Ross

I read a quote from someone, somewhere about perfection leads to proscrastination resulting in paralyzation (sic. correct word paralysis. I like mine better with all 'tions' :)

Axully is new iteration of my dream company, MyArtTutor, and has been simmering on a back burner for months now. Brought about by a difference of core values with a hired CEO, I hibernated for a long time. And, yes, my art saved me again. Axully is Wicki-speak for Actually...a common word in my colorful vocabulary...spelled exactly like I say it.

I do not care what your 'life issue' is, we all have a story (Robin Roberts). If you can find something to distract your mind from its spiral into a black hole for even five minutes, you will come back feeling refreshed. Five minutes here, 30 minutes there...build up to a few hours...and you will come back with some calmness and a smile.

Does the break into the zen zone make the bad stuff go away? Nope, sorry. But the value of a break while doing something creative will build until the bad stuff loses its intense grip on you. At some point, the bad stuff seems to retreat for longer and longer periods of time. For me, my bad is now woven into me like the thread of a cocoon...and now feels like my good. It is honored for creating the person I am today. I quite like Wicki, by the way.

In short, my original desire and purpose is still intact...I want to share the healing aspect of learning about art and creative activities and how they can impact a life in positive ways. While operating as MyArtTutor, we took a path that was more focused than I originally intended...strictly learning how to paint fine art. These original classes/workshops are still some of the best in the quality of the tutor and the design of the information delivery.

I can safely claim to be one of the first alternative methods of delivering art instruction through the internet. The MyArtTutor classes are still unique, as they use a protocol where breaks are designed at good stopping places with assignments added to enhance the learning experience. We don't just have you hit play like a DVD. Axully will distribute these classes...they are timeless.

Since a major part of my own journey and past career includes many creative outlets: Music, sewing, homemaking crafts, cooking, decorating, needlework, knitting, crochet, graphic design, art direction, advertising/marketing, web design...whew, I'm sure I've forgotten some. OH, software expert on Macintosh...I still love and use that every day!

So, I hope you continue this journey with me as we showcase good quality instruction in many different disciplines of art. Just yesterday, I started a dedicated blog about my 100 Reflection with Variations series.

I don't know yet where we're going, but we'll have fun along the way...