This was easy. What is more beautiful than a William Bouguereau painting. No blood and guts or anguish. Useful? Maybe not. Solid, definitely. And Beautiful.

This word became more difficult as I started to write about it, probably because it is so obvious to me. I have no words to describe Bougeureau's paintings. In my opinion, his work is never "out of drawing", and his compositions well thought out and delivered to tell a story. Skin tones: luscious. 

This little babe was watching the parade, part of the Carnaval de Sergines in France (March 2007). 



Click on her image to see a brief clip of the event.
Such a beautiful example of childhood innocence...reminded me of a Bouguereau painting.

She is doing what countless others have done for over 100 years: watching the parade, all dressed up in her costume.

Carnaval de Sergines, 1912

Carnaval de Sergines, 1912


SO, why not experiment with those skin tones, just for fun! Very thin glazes of oil, dry, wet-sand, over and over. She attained a good glow, I think. Do I want to paint like this all the time? Probably not.


"Sergine Princess" 18x12" Oil on Panel, © Vicki Ross


24" x 18", pastel


Some art trends seem to focus on shock value, making you think, or draw your own conclusions about why the artist chose his subject and how he presented it. To me, making me think, is not always beautiful and I don't understand living with some of those concepts. I can barely look at them in museums and galleries!

I lean to realism, and paintings that tell stories. With Attitude, what on earth is she focused on? Angry? Curious? You decide.


So, now you have the full explanation at how I arrived at the Vetruvius Triad: Firmatasis, Utilitas, Venustas. Axully's slogan is: Solid, Useful, Beautiful. Long way to get there, but there it is!