Digital Downloads for Collage/Assemblage/Journals

BRAND-NEW! Digital downloads for Collage/Assemblage/Journals. Use in mixed media projects from collage on canvas to image transfers in encaustic, Journal Jumpp starts, whatever your art is, these will be a great compliment to your artistic vision.

Each of the 100+ pages contains original painting elements and/or photography from Vicki Ross and are for your personal use ONLY. No sharing allowed, or the Wicki Muse will haunt your art forever. Capisce? (got it?)Not gonna list do's and don'ts because I expect everyone to treat these with the same respect you'd expect if they were your creations.

I am looking for a few partners who are willing to use their favorites in their art, and share with this my readers. Then, you will share on your blogs, social media, etc. 

Easy-Peasy! We all share together. 

Let me know...which pages you want to start, and when you will get your project and instructions to me. I'll prepare a schedule and see where this goes!

Wonky Flowers