FREE Download! General Purpose Invitation/Announcement

I received this comment on the new Iris Background Printable from an artist who planned to use it in her dream collage:

Your Iris background really moved me. It is Oriental-looking and I love that. I love origami and the Japanese ink paintings.

Which reminded me of the walls this painting has graced. The three photos above show how much we've downsized our living in the past five years (that's a good thing :). Its original home was in a house with 12' ceilings, and is a good fit on the wall. In the middle image, the Dining Room was part of the foyer, and it looks good size-wise as well. the third image is where the painting hangs today! In the foyer/hallway, and you can see it up close and personal! You can get your nose on it if you want!

I had also used this image in 2002, the year I painted it. It was only the third painting I had done, in a watercolor class. Talk about Running before Crawling! Its image was modified for use in an invitation/house warming/gratitude party for the neighborhood that nurtured us after the fire. Going through all those early paintings as I created the Collage Sheet Printables, I remembered the invitation and thought it would make a good candidate for the Collage Pages. So, with a few modifications, here it is! FREE! Here is the link 

Click on the black purchase button, and enter your address information (I can't override this). When the credit card info crops up, click through to continue. You'll receive an email with the attached FREE pdf file.

AND, I included a matching name tag to go along with it. ENJOY!



PS: As always, please share your project that use these! Wicki will be HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!