Japanese Hanky Printable Papers

This printable is from a vintage hanky collected by Teiko Kazama Ross, my late mother-in-law. So perfect, with its original folds intact, I photographed it and folded it back. It will find its way into the collection already passed on to Betsy Ross Noble.

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This hanky has been used as inspiration for me, along with several other items from her stash in  a still life painting I did named "Phoenix". Full of symbolism from the Jessi Coulter lyrics hand printed on tromp l'oeil notepaper, the sticky note with a quote from Harry Potter, the ivory phoenix, the handblown mini-vase with the blue 'tear', to the candle mounted in a vintage candle holder and Japanese tea cup. The hanky provides the perfect grounding for this tableau. The baby Phoenix rising from the ashes is a crowning touch. ©Vicki Ross, Pastel on sanded board, 20" x 18". collection the artist.

© V.N.Ross