RePurpose! ReUse! ReCycle!

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I did this last week, and forgot to blog about it. I have numerous readers who stay up with me through these posts. Even though I've been active on Google+ lately, those groups are much smaller. Had a long conversation with a friend/student of mine today and I tried to explain that I haven't gone over to the dark side...just working with color and personal imagery of my own creation. All these techniques and tools can be used with any media...watercolor, oil, pastel, encaustic. I have come to believe that the current art journaling buzz, for me anyway, is a place to experiment with no pressure to complete a 'fine art' painting.

Anyway, If you saw my post on Linocut Carving, here is the link for that. I show the process of carving "the grey stuff", linocut vinyl by Richeson Art. Anyway, getting into the play mode I decided to make a texture plate out of the pieces left over from the carving. It worked GREAT!

Here is the new video. Please subscribe, join me over on Google+ Vicki Ross (, let me know what you think!