Blog Hop Around the World!

How much fun! Kelly Dombrowski, a social network friend and great artist, invited me to join in with this challenge. Let's see how many new artists we can get to know! Follow the links to go around the world and find wonderful art and artists. Be sure to subscribe to their blogs and follow their social networks...I'm sure they will do the same back to you!

Blog & website: Kelly Dombrowski Art

I'm inviting two artists I've met online, and have great admiration for:

Win Dinn

A fabulous mixed media artist, who sent me a piece of her original art for correctly identifying a mystery organic item last summer. 


Terri Sproul

Terri's Blog:

Terri is a mixed media artists who has a loyal group of followers. She graciously conducts a live demonstration on Tuesday nights. She is one of the featured artists on my Printable Collage Sheets product HERE


Now to introduce myself, Vicki (and Wicki and Victoria, my alter-egos):

1.  What am I working on?

Something new every day! New technique, new mark-making tools, interspersed with actual color work. Lately I've been designing printable collage sheets, and you can see them here. Next color session I will show my subscribers how I use these elements in my Mixed Media Art.

 2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work focuses on my own creative mark-making. I create my own stencils and stamps...learning to do woodcut stamps because I love the different marks they make contrasted with typical rubber stamps, my own abstracted backgrounds made with Gelli Prints or textured colors. My representational art is more realism, my mixed media art more abstract. The abstract is harder for me.

3.  Why do I create what I do?

If I could answer that, I'd be able to predict what is coming next! I seem to hibernate in January and February, and hit the studio running in March with some new media I want to explore (I don't ever NOT go in the studio). 2014 started with a Crowdfunding campaign that kickstarted Over and Over Again: Variations with Repetition. As I completed these "littles" I started adding more and more mixed media: dryer lint, modeling paste, collage, etc. Encaustic was something i was very curious about, so that overlapped the project. I was able to use  my pastels, oils, and love of ephemera with the encaustic. That was a natural crossover to printmaking, journaling, bookmaking and collage.  I may work a year or more in a particular genre before moving on, or going back to previous media or techniques.

4.  How does my creating process work?

I spent 25+ years as a graphic designer, so combining elements to tell a story is second nature to me. However, now I am creating art, not marketing materials and advertising! I pretty much research anything art related in the evenings, and the next day pick up whatever my Muse is curious about. Scientific, huh? Some weeks I spend more time researching, and some are an assortment. My painting evolves when I can sever my computer curiosity and social buzz.

I've had fun visiting all the other artists participating in this Blog Hop! Join us!