As you know, I've been working on the completion of the Over and Over Again: Variations with Repetitions Hatchfund crowd funding campaign. What a lot of work! Not only the campaign part, but the execution of 100 'smalls'. 

The great news is that the process jump started me into new avenues for my self-expression. I decided to quit chasing national (and local) competitions after realizing it is just recognition of my peers. Expensive (entry fees, shipping), and can cause feelings about your art and its 'worth'. If you want to become a workshop instructor, or write books to gain followers, competitions might be a necessary evil, but that is not my path. 

The other revelation is that I was forcing myself to work in single medium paintings: only oil, only soft pastel, only watercolor. Curiosity led me to encaustic, which led to mixed media. The more I've explored and played, the more I enjoy it. I even coined a new phrase "ITPS"…it's the process, stupid". 

Art Journaling is more and more enticing every day. I can begin that process as experimentation for techniques that may find their way into gallery art. When I quit creating art for competition, I started to enjoy it more! 

Stay tuned for blog posts with all kinds of articles (I was asked to become a MixedMediaArt.net writer), and have picked up many new ideas to share.