Rewind! Reinvent! Refresh!

Was reading a good blog post today by Lynn K (not gonna try to spell her name) wrote a post that caught my attention...titled "Where I Stand Sunday". Several comments were made about blogs that reveal more of the life of an artist, not just the available workshops, paintings for sale, or other self promotion. Been there, done that. And it does throw a wet blanket on spontaneous postings. She also mentions the self imposed pressure of detailed tutorials, or other more formal posts.

White Rose, Encaustic, Xerography, Oil on mounted paper, 7"x7" $245 Available HERE. Will be on exhibit downtown Bentonville at pop-up art show, Majesty Gallery on the square, Oct. 4 and 5.

i built a strong group of followers for blog posts that I'm afraid we're based on some of those things. Not anymore! In fact, I've begun loosening up in my art as well. Some of it has already flowed over into my blog. SO, welcome to the Wonderful World of Wicki. 

i realized that as an artist of realism that there was nothing new I could say about a tree that hasn't been covered by so many others. My studio was neat as a pin, with supplies organized in the closet where the doors would close...and my for soft pastel, and one for oil. Then, I added another work area for encaustic (hot wax) painting. Because so many more relaxed processes are involved there, from collage to xerography to mono printing ....papers, threads, stencils...3-dimensional works...

Flag Ball, 9" round, encaustic. Available HERE, or visit and purchase from Two25 Gallery on Main Street, Bentonville, AR © V.N.Ross

Flag Ball, 9" round, encaustic. Available HERE, or visit and purchase from Two25 Gallery on Main Street, Bentonville, AR © V.N.Ross

Mixed Media roared into my life a few months later. I now have a tsunami in my neat as a pin studio. A die cutter, embosser, acrylic paints and decorative papers. Stamps, spray inks, fun foam and torn cardboard. 

I've found an entire community of artists who like to create just for fun...not for competitions, sales, or galleries. AND they share and ask questions and interact! I'm gonna have fun. ITPS (It's the Process Stupid), not the product. You are welcome to play along with me.


what did I eat for lunch today? A juicy cheez burger and homemade fries from Rons Hambergs in Bentonville. I'm not nicknamed "Wimpy" for nuttin!

What am I reading now? Art books, always, by my chair (real books) and (electronic) on ipad. Current favorite is "Printmaking Unleashed" by Traci Bautista. These get studied after studio time, with adult juice at my side. In bed for that last hour of awakens, whatever novels I've downloaded free on my kindle app.

what I'm making? Stamps, free stitching on fun foam for stamps, screenprinting screens, stencils, all for eventual inclusion in art journals, or collages.

what am I wearing?  Before 5pm, Jeans, crocs with socks, and a gimme T-shirt, the better to sling paint! After 5, all the above except sweatpants instead of jeans!

Stencil of girl made from magazine. Stencil made from glue gun, Gelli Plate printed on deli paper. Image was originally vertical, but I like the idea of swimming upstream in heels :) These papers will find their way into all kinds of mixed media art!