What's in the Bag 2?

Another just for fun silly post. Who cares if you NEED anything else in your art room? Especially if you are saving stuff from the landfill, AND helping people who need financial help? Helping Hands in Bentonville runs the BEST thrift store I've ever been in...total volunteer run. It is set up like a nice department store...wide aisles, things are gather by department, and you can find some great STUFF!

I spent the past two weeks immersed in a hardware issue...trying to learn Linux/Ubuntu/Knoppix to see if I could salvage a NAS drive with TWO 1 tb drives. Supposed to be safe because one mirrored the other for backup. NOT. It appears both are gone...or at least unrecognizable. Boggles my mind...and that is why I wouldn't give up. Still won't, just gonna find a nerd It guy here in Wal-Mart headquarters land I live in!

SO, I quit. Took a routine tour of my fav spots: Sonic for a junior deluxe cheeseburger (once a weekly habit, now once in a month or so, due to living with a diabetes2 spouse who cooks), Helping Hands...found great stuff there, as always! Then Tuesday Morning (nothing) and Hobby Lobby (a few things). Then to the 3 local dollar stores looking for silicone baby bottle nipples, slow flow. These for a tip shared by Google+ friend, Sylvia Tabor. Original video by Laura Denison Designs. Links are under the video! Enjoy!