I have been accepted to join a group of YouTube Art Creators for this fun and exciting event! #Cinnamon Cooney dreamed up this ongoing event that will showcase artists who use the hashtag #LoveSummerArt. From fiber to painting to mixed media to card making, sewing to stained glass to encaustic to weaving to washing cars! No kidding, if an artist has a novel way to wash a car, you might find a link here!

Starting on July 17-20, this group of creators will be releasing videos with the #LoveSummerArt in the title. All you have to do is search for #LoveSummerArt and you'll see videos on all kinds of creative channels. And it will be fun! Some silly, some tutorials, all done in the unique style only artist creators can do.

Oh, please subscribe to my own YouTube Channel HERE! I'm told I have some very informative, short, sometimes goofy, tutorials.