Baker's Dirty Dozen Video Hop

Video Link Below!

Shannon Green came up with a crazy idea to invite 12 of her YouTube subscribers to participate in a Video Hop. Bloggers do these all the time, but I think this may just be a first for a YouTube Hop!

Three (including Shannon) are large channels, with over 10,000 subscribers. 5-6 of us are in the mid-range, and a few are new and have smaller channels. There will be three groups of three, with some from each size channel. All 13 will be links in each video, just in different order. This is to even out traffic, since typically the large channels get sorted to the top of a viewers list. 

The plan is to direct viewer traffic to ALL thirteen channels so the small channels will get their share of new viewers. Way to go Shannon! And thanks for inviting me!

Illustrated PDF file here to explain Japanese 4-Hole Binding Technique