This is no LAUGHING matter!

I use SquareSpace for my web and blog management because it is easy and the templates beautiful. Squarespace integrates with MailChimp for subscriber list management. So when you subscribe on the left, MailChimp is the "handler" for privacy reasons as well as legal reasons.

That seemingly simple statement requires some coding and RSS (Real Simple Syndication), which ain't so simple. MailChimp also requires a template. You can't use the SquareSpace one for the MailChimp one. Duh. Of Course.

All that said, the MailChimp template shows up as a full blog post and the path from the email template to the real blog post is difficult to navigate. Comments are often made as a reply to the MailChimp template which does come to me, but not to the main comment spot.

SO, I've edited to a summary post that i HOPE will lead you back to the main blog. I sure wish there was a more friendly way to do this...and hoping I didn't mess up one of the 101 possible places where a link could be broken.

Here is also hoping readers will click through from their email.