Cats & Kittens

Cats 2013 cover copy.jpg
Cats 2013 cover copy.jpg

Cats & Kittens

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"Cats & Kittens" #301 , Leslie B. DeMille

a 27 page digital download in pdf format. Can be viewed on computer screen and  iPads. Full Color. Mr. DeMille explains in four step demonstrations how to create a precious painting of your favorite feline (and one cocker spaniel :)


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What you'll get...

  • …a charming group of cats & kittens created by Mr. DeMille's soft touch
  • …several steps of each painting in progress
  • …a brief overview of Mr. DeMille's techniques for stroke making, glazing, drawing
  • …encouragement to try velour paper
  • …an easy segue into the Cats & Kittens mini-pastel class, and…
  • then help choosing one of our full-blown pastel class/workshops!