Vicki's 100 Repetition with Variations #1

 My source that provided general 4-5 shapes. 

My source that provided general 4-5 shapes. 

I stumbled on this idea from Karen Margulis Blog. Karen got the idea from Marla BaggettaKevin MacPherson painted his "pond series" (where he did a painting of a pond in his backyard everyday for a year). 

Not exactly Daily Painting...I'd shoot me! I don't do well with "have-to's". Guess I spent my career years dancing to the tune of someone else's deadlines. Today's Wicki has given herself more freedom to float. BUT, on the other hand, doing 100 of something arty was intriguing. I even woke up in the mornings thinking about it. I'd find myself going back to their blog pages over and over...wondering...plotting...thinking.

Finally I decided that I maybe COULD do something simular (sic). Can't paint a tree or landscape to save my that was problematic. BUT, maybe that could be fixed and the hurdle crossed. The next step was to settle on 4-5 shapes, and I worked on this detail for several days. I discussed this with JoAnn, our neighbor, who is also an accomplished artist, who thought I was kidding)...and Randy, my rock...whose first reaction was WHY? 

I can think of many reasons why. #1 is that Wicki would turn it into work...sales, blogposts, pinterest, Facebook, twitter, Fine Art America, a gallery. Of course she did. The entire purpose of this is to PLAY. You know all this tidbits you pick up every day, every workshop, every tutor? This would be a good time to experiment. 

So now I was even more determined. First, size? Economical. What about watercolor paper? I like a square format. Figured out that 7.5"-ish square would leave no waste on a full sheet. Second, framing? (See, developing a product already) Just in Case. I like a black shadow box for small works, letting them float and ragged edges showing. 

Hardest was settling on my shape pattern. Could I actually be creative with something based on a landscape? Karen, Marla, and Kevin did great jobs by altering their color palette and mark making...but I needed more flexibility. I wanted to play with multi-media Ala Bill Creevy and mix pastel with acrylic mediums...alcohol ink...watercolor with pastel...oil on copper...

So, what I came up with is:

  • Same size: 7.5" x 7.5" deckled or distressed edge
  • Mostly watercolor 140 lb paper, cold pressed
  • Same basic shapes
  • All eventually framed alike

The shapes have evolved into a tall "something" near the right side third, a smaller similar shape to the left, and another stretched toward the left edge. A slanted straight-ish line from center-ish left to upper right. Another curvy horizontal line from left to right.

From there, all bets are on. Dryer lint and acrylic medium: check. Gold Leaf: check. Oil, Pastel, Oil Pastel, Cold Wax Medium, Encaustic: check. As long as the size is the same, and the general shapes are the same it qualifies!

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