HatchMe if you can! WOW!

computer generated framing assortment

Each will be framed 14" x 10" in shadow box.

I was approved to join the Hatchfund.org non-profit 501-c3 organization for an art project involving my idea for 100 little jewels. A crowd-funding company, where donations in any amount are accepted...and perks awarded at each level! My project was approved and I'm ready to roll.

My project link, Over and Over Again: Repetition with Variations is HERE. I'm so excited...and would love it if you would help me spread the word about it, it takes a community to support an artist :) The perks I designed are fun and can be yours at several different levels.

Hatchfund recognizes and promotes partners and their outstanding artistic communities. Partners in turn, are encouraged to spread the word about project funding opportunities with Hatchfund. Working together to celebrate the arts and artists makes us stronger. My attention to them came through the Arkansas Arts Council, who is a partner. They contacted me this morning about doing an interview for their newsletter!

75% success rates, tax-deductibility for donors, matching funds once I get to my minimum level, are only a few of the reasons I wanted to try this. They even have extra promotions based on my fundraising.

Power of the internet...first donation is from a Facebook friend in Malaysia. Another friend (I know in person) who lives in France also contacted me. 

Any amount you choose to donate is gratefully appreciated...and the perks are COOL! I'll be posting regularly, and hope to include you as a participant. AND please share with your friends!

PS: If you are reading this through email as a newsletter, click here to read in the actual blog and see Comment area which is at the bottom of the post. Click on "Comment", then scroll down to see the box. Let me know if this doesn't work...OK?