Commentary on #1

#1 Over and Over Again

7.5" x 7.5" mixed media

© V.N.Ross

As I mentioned in the previous post, drumroll, please...#1 of the "Over and Over Again: Repetition with Variations" piece is shown here. 

Started with my super, duper taping trick shared with me by Alan Flattmann. Blog on link. Am using 140# cold press watercolor paper for most of these.

I took a deep breath...choked down the panic...and painted normal. Well, if you consider an orange wash normal :)

An orange Holbein (similar to NuPastel in hardness) scraped over the rough surface of the paper. With an old bristle brush and Gamsol (odorless mineral spirits) I slopped some on the paper to cause runs and ripples. 


Finished off with various brands and softness of pastel sticks, trying to stay loose, especially in the foreground and trees. Allowed some orange to show through the sky.

Whew. #1 is complete! The journey has begun...

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