"Landscape...the WOW Factor"

Really Finished Colour Chart.jpg
Really Finished Colour Chart.jpg

"Landscape...the WOW Factor"


Lyn Diefenbach

Pastel #8002 Price: $79
(or buy all 4 passport series for $225!)
 Suggested materials HERE. Remember that you may purchase, or mix and match with supplies you may already have. Lyn uses a 12x16" Art Spectrum paper in her demo, however, you can't just buy one sheet from this supplier. We specified 9x12" for this reason. See color swatch in thumbnails below (scroll down).
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From Lyn's "Landscape" you will:


  • about three of Lyn's favorite surfaces
  • a description of her en plein air pastel assortment
  • detail about her block-in method
  • developing the sky
  • about her tools
  • how to manage the mid-ground
  • how to adapt the foreground to support the focal point

Class contains:

  • 18+ segments, video clips, assignments, and stills
  • over an hour in length, WITHOUT painting
  • several assignments and bonus lectures
  • the content will increase as students participate