Studio Share! Unedited!

OMG, really? Axully? My mom will cwack up! Just to create the atmosphere here in WickiWorld. I've got Eric Clapton and Pavarotti's live performance of "Holy Mother" on replay, turned up about as loud as I can stand! Love that song! I could lip sync on the Tonight Show ...I do a mean Pavarotti!

Seth Apter's Studio Table - Call for Particpants, crossed my email this am and I thought I could give everyone some entertainment. My studio is 14' x 10', and has a nice big double door closet chock full of stretcher bars, PastelBords, Watercolor pads, en plain air boxes (I seem to collect them), and bins of sculpey clay, framing tools, watercolor tubes, etc. It is full. Oh, and about 400 DVDs of clip art from the graphic design days. I parted with the 600 lbs of ring binders with the color images in them. Now if I want something I have to put in each CD and scroll thru them. BUT, don't use them much.

In January, I added a cubby/workstation for encaustic. An industrial kitchen cart on wheels with a 36" board on top works GREAT. I have a wire shelving unit to my side that holds my heating tools, iPod player, brushes, markers, and assorted drawers for craft stuff. Right now the encaustic griddle is up out of the way on some octagonal storage bins bought from a shop going out of business. I can be back using encaustic in 5 minutes. Right now, I am playing with art journals, stamping, stenciling, and mono printing. This view is from my mixed media goes up and down, cause the cart is a bit higher than the desk. All three chairs swivel, otherwise I'd never be able to squeeze into these cubbies!

On the back side of the cart is my computer station. To my left when in that swivel chair is a Jack Richeson Oak Taboret for my oil painting. All mediums, brushes and pigment tubes are right there. The pullout shelf doubles as sewing machine/cricut explore cutter base.

Swivel to my left again is the back side of my David Sorg easel that reaches the ceiling. A bit of storage is there, and can be moved if I need more room for the easel. If I want to do pastels, I go around the big easel, and there is a flat file under a north facing window. Another swivel chair and I'm ready to use all the pieces of pastels I own. I broke down a couple of years ago and broke off a 1" piece of every pastel set I have...removed labels, and sorted by value. Works great for me...I've worked with pastels enough to know which brand I pick up. Don't worry too much about anything but value. If one is too hard, I just get another in the same value.

Mixed Media turned my fairly neat studio into a riot of paint, bright papers, odds and ends...complete with a box of cardboard scraps! BUT, I'm having a ball!

View from my pastel cubby at the other corners. I don't think I can squeeze anything else in here!