Day 3 Painting Agnes with Mr. D

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(first published May 22, 2008, edited 10/21/2017). I am re-releasing these blog posts to communicate how I traveled the journey to artist...mistakes I made, things I tried, money I wasted, hours spent researching. I plan to boil all this down into a simple formula for you to Restore Your Soul | Jumpstart Your Creativity.

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Day 3, Painting Agnes with Mr. D

Agnes is such a girly girl, married to Marc the chef and mother to Leo who is 8-ish. She designs high-end fabrics for Manuel Canovas, gardens, and makes sinful desserts.

And rides a big Yamaha Crotch Rocket! This is her biker jacket.

Again, you can see the progression from my viewpoint as I paint. 

Very pleased with how this turned out. (edit: looking back on it now, the saffron background is a reflection of her energy)

We had lunch outside, then left for an afternoon of play.


ps: we only had a little over 2 hours from start to finish!