Master of the House, Jerome

SATURDAY, MAY 24, 2008

(first published May 24, 2008, edited 10/21/2017). I am re-releasing these blog posts to communicate how I traveled the journey to artist...mistakes I made, things I tried, money I wasted, hours spent researching. I plan to boil all this down into a simple formula for you to Restore Your Soul | Jumpstart Your Creativity.

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Better today. The above painting is Les'...painted on velour paper.

Each of these last painting sessions were only 2 1/2 hours...very demanding for us.

I got an 'atta-girl' for the loose way i did the sweater and shirt. Of course, if I had had more time, I'm sure I would have overworked it.

At 6:30, the wine calls and we scurry to do some sort of finish, and down the stairs to the warm inviting atmosphere in the kitchen, with a crackling fire in the background, and breathe a sigh of contentment  as we sit down to another of Marc's divine concoctions for dinner. 

And realize that tomorrow is another day, another model, and another attempt to cram Les' lifetime of experience into a couple of hours. However, progress is being made by all of us and that is a realistic expectation.