My, What Big Eyes You Have!

(first published May 27, 2008, edited 11/07/2017). I am re-releasing these blog posts to communicate how I traveled the journey to artist...mistakes I made, things I tried, money I wasted, hours spent researching. I plan to boil all this down into a simple formula for you to Restore Your Soul | Jumpstart Your Creativity.

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For some reason (?) Mr. D felt we could use some detail work. On Velour paper. Talk about a nice surface! Les brought some for us to work on. He makes this look SO easy...have to remember he started doing portraits when he was 8! and he is 81 now. 

There is hope for me yet!

For those of you who do pastel, you have probably heard all the negatives of velour paper. However, Les has some little tricks that offset the problems. AND, the advantages are fantastic!