A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Trash…

A funny thing happened on my way to the trash…

Hi! I’m, Vicki Ross and I help people learn and Grow as artists so they can fill their empty time with peace. I want to share with you ways you can create a ZenZone in your mind and learn a lifelong craft to do it.

Have you ever found yourself wandering around your house like you were doing laps at the mall? Thoughts in your brain cycling the same things over and over? Not knowing WHAT to do, WHERE to do it, or How? 

This describes me after my daughter didn't survive our house fire…on xmas day no less. It took about 4 months for the shock to begin to wear off…about the time I started wandering aimlessly, too distraught to sit, cook, or shop. And shopping was a necessity…you have to get everything from waxed paper to bathroom bowl brushes. AND, my sole function was to fill out forms for our insurance company that listed every item in the house, where it came from and when we acquired it. 

I had to do something before I walked through to the ground. If any of this sounds familiar, you are going to relate to the solution that worked for me.

 At the end of this training I’m going to invite you to sign up for a FREE copy of "The Axully Art Roadmap" so you can learn even more about my proven path to Art & Peace. I’ll give you more details later, but for now, let’s get started!

There are two main issues I hear over and over. The first: "I don't have any talent"; the second: "I'm afraid I won't be good enough." Both are not content with the "fun" projects they were spending time on. They wanted more.

These feelings are fine, but there is more! There is a solution if you follow your Muse. If you don't know who she is, just stick around. I can lead you around the potholes I fell in.

Mistake #1: Paying $350-ish for 3 day workshops with teachers I didn't know…or their style…
jockeying with other people there for equal time and space with the teacher. 3 days, then load the car and go home to crash. Do that 5-6 times a year, then throw in a couple of 14 day workshops in Europe. Can you say CONFUSING and EXPENSIVE? Plus, each tutor requires a different list of supplies…I acquired a big collection. Many I didn't know how to use, many were similar or duplicate (different brand).

Mistake #2: I bought every book and dvd I could find while I searched for the holy grail...that KEY that would unlock the magic world. I Subscribed to art magazines year after year until I realized half of every magazine is advertising to get you to buy the newest miracle brush/paint/tool. And that they are masters of repurposing old articles

Mistake #3: Getting involved with social, weekly painting groups. Fine if you just want to visit and pass two hours, but doesn't work if you want to improve. 

Mistake #4: In today's world, trying to absorb every YouTube video by anyone you enjoy. Get involved in the social aspect of it, and learn tons of vacation bible school projects. Fun! I love it! but watch too much video and talk too much on social media and you lose your painting time.

My journey was a long, and winding road…with tons of side roads and deadends along the way. I'm proud to say that I stuck with learning to paint, and became addicted to the ZenZone…the bats in my belfrey were quiet when I was painting. 

I've mastered just about any medium I want to work with. When I started with Mixed Media I realized that "learning to play" was still an important part of my transformation. It was HARD for me to give up control…to splash paint at random, then glue down a picture from a magazine. Make a journal from junk mail? Egads! My trip to the trash bin became a fun “what if” adventure.

Funny thing is that I learned to play, just for fun! AND, met a whole different group of artists. Women age 50+ with too much empty time on their hands for whatever reason. As  my brain meandered, ideas started to form that led me to this.

I hope you can see that every mistake I share is one I made. I have also figured out a way to condense what I did in 15 years  to what I teach you to do in 30 days. If this sounds interesting, click the link and download your FREE copy of "Axully Art Roadmap"

AND, get in my FREE facebook group and join the Axully Artists there.