An Ephiphany Happened on my back from the Louvre... 

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Hi! I’m, Vicki Ross and I help people learn and Grow as artists so they can fill their empty time with peace.

I want to talk to you today about ways you can create a ZenZone in your mind and learn a lifelong craft to do it.

But first, I want to ask you a question...

Do you realize you need something to recreate your 50+ self, but nothing has worked?

You've tried several creative outlets, but couldn't figure it out enough to feel comfortable and proud of your results?

If that’s you, you’re going to love this short training. At the end of this training I’m going to invite you to sign up for a FREE copy of "The Axully Art Roadmap" so you can learn even more about my proven path to Art & Peace. I’ll give you more details later, but for now, let’s get started!

I spent 15 years (so far) giving myself the equivalent of a Master's in Fine Art. Plus, ++! Much of what I took in wasn't useful…and I still struggled for the "answer". I craved the peace I created on occasion and I wanted more of it. And, yes, there were mistakes.

These mistakes are easy to make, but they can really have a negative impact on your progress.

  • Mistake #1: Unless you've been pushed off a cliff like I was, and suffered a total life shift, you probably think you don't have 15 years to learn something new. Well, one of these days, you'll be on the other side of your career/kids/partner…and…you might as well start now.
  • Mistake #2: Letting your alter-ego (mine is Victoria) convince you that you are not creative. Bull Hockey! Remember how you loved the smell of a new box of crayons in grade school? Remember how those were eventually replaced with algebra, english, and geography?
  • Mistake #3: Knowing the "what" you want to do, but afraid of the costs involved.

After seeing the overbearing paintings in the Louvre, the bloody, gruesome, religious themes, I was "given" permission to just paint apples/trees/people instead of the emotional themes I thought I had to paint to pay homage to my daughter who had "crossed over".

If you enjoyed this visit with me, then I invite you to sign up for your free copy of "The Axully Art Roadmap". This Roadmap will show you the path I took to Art & Peace. 

I’m also the host of a FREE Facebook Group, Axully Art. We are building a good community of like minded creatives.