Put a Funny Spin on It, Stella!

Bad Things Happen! Challenging Things! Ugly Things! Things that are of a magnitude that are SO impossible to reconcile.

Whaddya do?

  1. Crawl in a hole and pull it in after you

  2. Cry uncontrollably until your eyes are swollen shut

  3. Throw a huge temper tantrum

  4. Bore everyone you know with details ad nauseum

  5. Keep reliving it over and over

  6. Get revenge

You could do what I did…

Put a big ole bow on it! Wear a funny hat! And another funny hat! Draw a picture of it! Do a caricature of it!

LAUGH YOUR WAY OUT OF IT! It’ll make you feel better to forget “IT” awhile.

One of my funnies after the fire. Going through discovery with our legal team, I saw some reports that should have been removed. The next morning I work up to a bad case of shingles on my face. They came with a mild case of chicken pox which made me feel awful! The next morning, I woke up with a rare (of course) condition that paralyzed the shingles side of my face.

Because my right eye wouldn’t close, I had trouble reading. A flash of inspiration and a few minutes later, I had a dishtowel wrapped around my head and right eye…arranged so I could see out of my left eye to read. I tickled me. When I heard ranDEE coming in, I grabbed the Mt. Fuji walking stick with the Japanese flag on it and limped to the door acting like a wounded soldier.

Yeah, I know. Corny! But we laughed.


Then the next day, a friend brought over a halloween bucket full of DVD’s, candy and stuff. The prize I grabbed first was a scarecrow headband. And a black eye patch. I had my Halloween costume complete! A few days later, on Halloween, I was not infectious…and wore my garb down to our office. Another side effect was that some words came out funny…Sufferin’ Succotash was a good one. I demonstrated to the group and heard, “Gosh that’s a great costume! How do you talk like that?

Another memorable event where I turned lemons into lemonade was when I had some kind of tummy pain. The emergency room doctor laughed as I tried to blame it on the bison steak ranDEE fed me the night before. I had to drink some junk, and when the bottle was empty we noticed that the empty bottle vibrated on the chair. Made for a good video!

Turned out I had a hairball. Well, colon blockage. Requiring surgery. If you want a laugh or two, go to Facebook and search for The PooBag Report. I did several posts about all the fun that ensued.

The nurse that was on duty when I checked in that night said she was SO glad she had seniority so she could get me. I asked her why, and she said my chart was hilarious…the doctor had written everything down…including the bison.

I got up close and personal with my stoma…where the poo came out. Named it Stella.

10 weeks later, I had the reconstruction surgery, preceded by a colonoscopy. The room where all the patients are recovering is quiet as church, so when I came out, I was singing “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain”. Lots of funny looks. ranDEE laughing in my cubicle.

Coming back from recovery this time, I was yelling “Stella! Stella!” ala Marlon Brando. The nurses were worried because they didn’t know what I was saying or why.

Some things are just too difficult to explain.

Moral of the story? Have fun. Make yourself laugh. Make others laugh. Try it, it works.



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