A Walk in the Village of Fontaine-Fourches, France

(first published June 1, 2008, edited 8/15/18). I am re-releasing these blog posts to communicate how I traveled the journey to artist...mistakes I made, things I tried, money spent, hours spent researching. I have boiled all this down into a simple formula for you to Restore Your Soul | Jumpstart Your Creativity.

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I am so glad I have hundreds of photos of my many art trips…each brings to mind the sounds and smells of being there. Each is embedded in my muscle memory for art I create. Here are a few…

First photo is of a wonderful rose bush. Flowers are popping up all over, and roses seem to be a favorite. Even in gated gardens, the plants are allowed to grow in a natural state.

Second photo is of the barn, where the studio is on the second floor. These doors have been painted many times, by many artists. This is La Bonne Etoile, a sacred place I love.

Third photo with the white shutters is of the main house, fourth is from a walk one afternoon...beautiful skies! Makes me wish I had been able to be outside painting en plein aire...

Last 2 photos are of the village church and an outbuilding. Very low key, very old...some structures are 250+ years old. 

Later the same evening, we were invited to come to a street party in the village. Their population is 535, and this was a party for one of the streets. Everyone brought what they wanted to grill, and a side dish. It was held in a triangular area between 2 streets, kids rode their bikes, adults visited and networked. The sun was going down and created a glow to the afternoon that would have been impossible to capture with a camera. 

Neat thing was that they had tables set up in a long row, with real tablecloths...setting for probably 50 or so. We were welcomed like family…there was a lot of sign language going on, but a smile and word or two of Arkansas dialect French brought laughter that broke the ice!

Be sure to get my free "Axully Art Roadmap" and learn how I did it. Age 51, empty nest...hell, NO NEST to empty...daughter didn't make it out of our house fire on Christmas morning...and my entire life exploded. Art becrtame my focus, my salvation, my burning desire to learn. Along the way, I discovered that the act of painting gave me peace.

Peace where I could heal. Peace I could laugh again.



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