"Soft Pastels" #1401 Vicki Ross

pastels 2013cover copy.jpg
pastels 2013cover copy.jpg

"Soft Pastels" #1401 Vicki Ross


If you've ever been curious about the medium of soft pastels, this is the answer! Learn...

  • history
  • what they are (and aren't)
  • how they are manufactured
  • the differences in brands
  • explore the surfaces available
  • introduction to color and mark making
  • basics of framing

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What you'll get...

  • …an eBook exploration of the art medium of soft pastel.
  • …an overview of their history, what they are (and aren't)
  • …a slide show of how Roché pastels are manufactured
  • …a description of the differences in brands
  • …an introduction to the surfaces available
  • …a brief tutorial to color and mark making,
  • …basics of framing
  • …an easy segue into our mini-pastel class, and…
  • …then help choosing one of our full-blown pastel class/workshops!