White Rose #4


White Rose #4


Soft Pastel is one of the oldest mediums of painting. It is raw pigment with just enough binder aded to allow it holding a stick form. These are not CHALKS, which are a

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Shipped in a Flat Rate USPS box.

Carefully mounted inside a foam core sandwich, covered with protective glassine sheet.

DO NOT APPLY FIXATIVE! Some frame shops do this as a matter of procedure. All the light colors will disappear or grey.

IT IS admissible to allow the glass of a frame to lay securely on the pastel. Clean the glass thoroughly, when dry, use a fabric softener cloth and rub the inside of the glass. (helps with static electricity) Carefully place the glass on the pastel, being careful not to shift the glass (could cause smears).

Place an archival backing, like a white heavy yardstock, to the back of the pastel.sandwich. Using archival tape, (be careful not to cut yourself) seal the edges of the sandwich. Be aware of the frame overlap.

Pop in your frame and you are finished!

For a framing with space between the glass and painting, a 1/8” spacer made for this purpose is placed on the glass edge, then the pastel and backing placed in the frame.