Many of my teachings are available free on YouTube. I get a tremendous satisfaction in the "just because" sharing and the interaction I get back from my subscribers. Every time I hear about an ah-ha monent someone experiences, I smile.

The Enchantment of Art video was created during the process of developing online classes for other tutors. These are now being distributed right here! All art instruction is timeless…any artist today would love to learn from a John Singer Sargent, or a William Adolph Bouguereau! Unfortunately, that is not possible, except for a few notes from the 18th century, taken by some long gone student of theirs. Their work and processes are still as valid today as they were yesterday. And the same with my first tutors. My greatest joy is in the sharing, always.

The video below is free for your enjoyment. If you 'get it', I'd love your feedback. The music was in my repertoire back when I played classical piano. It strikes a nerve for me still. I encourage you to visit and get your free registration. Then you'll be all set to take one of our online classes.

Now, about the video. It is chock full of pictures and quotations from all sources who have profound thoughts about art and the importance of it in our daily lives. From psychologists to social workers, famous entertainers, accomplished painters, even me. The three segments of Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata reflect the three stages of human evolution from child to adult as they relate to creative endeavors.