Simple Watermedia Floral in Jigsaw Journal

I am a Video Creator for ColourArte Products, and am experimenting with them in some simple, easy to replicate paintings. These are in a handmade Jigsaw Journal that I taped on YouTube HERE. There is a separate video about the cover HERE. For an in-depth process video of this Simple Floral Painting, click HERE. 

Step One: Saturate your paper with clean water. Well, dirty water works too, if you want a stained look! When the water has sunk into the paper, it will go from a shiny wetness to a dull wetness. This is the prime time to add pigment.

Step Two: With a fan brush, your fingernail, or other implement, drop a few grains of ColourArte Primary Elements (two colors of blue) onto the paper. It will have a tendency to clump in one spot, so take a wet brush and gently help it disperse. You can also use a spray bottle with water, or as I did, with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. Tip the paper and allow the pigment and liquid to move on its own path. You can also drop salt into the wet mixture. Let the paper dry completely. (the back of your hand is a good indicator)

Step Three: With a wet brush add water to the areas where a flower might fit. When the shine is off, drop in your flower color (I used pink). DO NOT OVERWORK. Let the pigment move on its own.

Step Four: Place some kitchen plastic wrap on the flowers and scrunch it into the wet areas. Set aside to dry completely. When you return, peel off the plastic wrap. If you had enough pigment and water, you will see lines in the paint where the plastic wrap caused the pigment to pool together. These lines can be emphasized to make petals. This is a very organic method to create visual texture in your painting.

Step Five: Work some greens into your painting for stems and leaves. Accent the petals on the flowers. KEEP IT LOOSE!

Step Six: Sign! Declare Victory!