A Fun Challenge! Journaling by 5s

If you've ever had a desire to be looser in your art creation, take a look at this! Shannon Green developed this challenge to solve the issue many of us have about overthinking every move. Journaling by 5s has become very popular, and there are videos all over YouTube about those who were curious. So far, I've prepared 3 journals, ready for coloring! One was a small composition book I had already junqued up. The second was a full size composition book, and the third was a blank paper spiral bound notebook I found in Randy's room...an advertising specialty item...complete with a holder for a pen!

I promise, you will get messy and your muse will be able to create something without your nasty left brain trying to control it!

Shannon explains it fully, so I won't do that again,,,but, each has 20 pages (5 pages glued together). Yes, it takes some time. But, an hour a day with this cathartic exercise becomes almost meditative. 

This first video is stage one. Yesterday I spent several hours getting ready for stage two, fussy cutting pictures from magazines and collecting bits and pieces of collage materials.