#4, 5, and 6: OOA


OK, getting into the groove. Underpaintings, gesso, pastel grounds...take time to dry. My board will hold six at a time. 

#4 and #6 are watercolor under paintings. #5 is Art Spectrum's Colorfix Primer (Soft Umber), It has a fine grit mixed in...and is very handy for all types of media.

Still exploring the landscape genre. It's OK, tho...whatever appears is what we get.

#4 Over and Over Again
7.5" x 7.5" Mixed Media (watercolor, pastel, Gamblin Cold Wax)
© V.N.Ross

On #4 (left) after the wc dried, I stumbled around with some pastels. Grabbed a jar of Gamblin Cold Wax Medium and with a palette knife, made some textural marks. Scraped back into some with the end of a brush for linear lines. While it was still workable and Pan Pastels, I added some color. Their sofft tools allow you to 'kiss' the surface and transfer the pastel. Perfect for the thick wax medium. Since it is still soft, I can carve the painting number and my signature in when I've said enough.

#5 Over and Over Again
7.5" x 7.5" Pastel
© V.N.Ross

#5 is the one in the middle, over the umber pastel ground. I deliberately left some texture. This one is all pastel...and I was more interested in the colors than anything else. I really like how glazing with the side of a 1/2" stick really accents the texture in the ground.

This gives me the opportunity to throw in some shock colors. I really have no care whether they are real in nature or not. 

#6 Over and Over 7.5" x 7.5" pastel over watercolor © V.N.Ross

#6 Over and Over
7.5" x 7.5" pastel over watercolor
© V.N.Ross

Another thing I particularly like is the sky...from greenish aqua to light cobalt to lavender, and greenish yellow.


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