#7, #8, and #9 OOA

Poopie! Accidentally deleted the post...and it was almost finished. Kick-in short-term memory...talk about Over and Over Again!

...Third set. I wanted to show this image for two reasons 1) #7 on the left is being created on a paper towel mounted in the wet gesso and 2) #8 and #9 show how I lightly sketch in my four shapes when the gesso is dry. I'm not using anything but memory to sketch them...wanting to remain loose and organic. Not really caring whether I color in the lines or not!


I used several coats of SpectraFix on #7. Another valuable tip learned from Alan Flattmann at IAPS (International Association of Pastel Societies)...buy the concentrated casein mixture (rumored to be Degas lost recipe) with PGA (pure grain alcohol, (remember Purple Passion in college?). Then, with Preval sprayer, yes, ozone friendly, you can make a fine mist that DOES NOT CHANGE COLORS. Don't spray while smoking, and you can do this indoors safely.


I sized the paper towel to leave a border of paper where the strokes could be left to show. I used Gamsol from Gamblin to liquify in some spots. Applied a coat of clear gesso with some #FFF pumice to add some grit. Figured this would help isolate the paper towel too, for archival reasons.

Just used a paper plate left over from lunch (yeah, I eat in my studio), poured a tablespoon of gesso and shook out some pumice. No measurements! Yea! Wicki!

#8 (middle) explored a rock/stream/wall. The yellow sky is interesting. If you double click you can see some paper towel collage and gold leaf.

#9 (right) Very drippy Gamsol wash on the pastel. I love the movement it creates as the liquid finds its path. 

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