One Week = 41% to Hatch!

Erin, my coach/project manager at, convinced me that launching my project a few days before Christmas really WAS a good idea...contrary to Wicki-wisdom :)

#1  Over and Over Again: Repetition with Variations 7.5x7.5", mixed media. © V.N.Ross

Over and Over Again: Repetition with Variations

7.5x7.5", mixed media.
© V.N.Ross

Boy, was she right! Hatchfund even initiated a 1 for 1 matching funds that counted toward my funds total. I'm at 41% in 6 days! I want to thank Linda Wan, Melissa deBin Parish, Dianne DeMille, Jaquita and Mark Neil, Diana Moses Botkin, Susan Goromboly, Leslie B. DeMille and Shaktima Brien. From $1 to $ smiles are equal for each who took the time to support me.

Another reason (there are several) for trying this method of fundraising is to pave the way for other two-dimensional artists to fund projects of their own. At the completion of my successful campaign, I get to invite five others to try it out. I intend to support them any way I can...coaching, writing, whatever. 

A portion of any excess funds will begin an endowment fund for Sarah Ross, ultimately resulting in a scholarship for deserving artists of any age.

Here is my Flagship #1 in the series...I considered it my jump-off point...a traditional use of my four shapes, a landscape. I was conscious at the time that this was an auspicious beginning, a journey that I intend to fully explore and enjoy. As I stated in earlier blog posts, the decision to start this personal challenge was not taken lightly. Only after dreaming about my four compositional shapes for days did I agree with my Muse that I COULD commit to do this.

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